Energy Efficient Solar Panels

Over the years, many homeowners in and across the US have invested and installed solar panels on their roof tops to generate electricity. Initially, the investment in solar panels may seem expensive but in the long run, this investment can not only save you thousands of dollars on utility bills but also generate handsome returns. Besides this, solar panels can instantly increase the value of your property. Let’s just say, it’s a profitable investment all the way.

Solar Panels – How Do They Work?

Now let’s take a deeper dive to understand how energy-efficient solar panels work:

A solar panel is a device that converts sunlight into electricity. It is embedded with lots of tiny solar photo voltaic cells that are widespread and connected together over a large area which captures the sun’s energy and converts it into usable electricity.

Inside each solar cell, there are 2 layers of silicon crystals. These are wafer thin and placed upon each other, which makes it look like a sandwich. The layer on top is treated to ensure that the atoms remain stable. When the light from the sun hits the top layer, it instantly excites the electrons and gives them the energy to move. They then start moving from the top layer to the bottom which helps generate electricity.

These PV cells also don’t require direct light from the sun to work. In fact, they can even help you generate power even when it is cloudy outside. Moreover, the electricity generated from solar panels can be used to power the lighting in your home and even operate household appliances.

Solar panels thus, make a great investment as they harness clean energy from a limitless supply (the sun). Studies show that over the upcoming 20 years, you can expect to save thousands of dollars and start generating returns as well with solar panel installations.

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