Fiber siding panels

Made from cellulose fiber, sand and cement, fiber siding panels are used to protect the exteriors of homes/buildings from harsh weather elements. These are also used as eave linings and as a tile underlay in bathrooms and on decks.

In appearance, fiber sidings look like long-boards, and sometimes even imitate wooden siding or shingles. They are available in a wide range of design features and color options like wood grain and stucco texturing and pre-painted color options too.

Benefits of Installing Fiber Siding Panels

Now let’s take a look at some of the benefits of installing fiber siding panels:

1. Long-Lasting and Durable
Though fiber siding costs more than vinyl siding, they are still a hot favorite among homeowners typically because these panels are a onetime investment that lasts for years. They have the ability to resist common hazards and elements like fire, rain and wind.

2. Termite Resistant and Won’t Rot
Fiber siding panels may be your best bet to keep termites away from your home. The sand and cement contents used in these sidings make them termite resistant. And besides this, no matter how much it rains and how wet it gets outside, these sidings are not affected by moisture and will never rot. So, you can be confident that your investment is safe.

3. Excellent Stability
One of the great attributes home owners can enjoy with fiber siding is its unmatched dimensional stability. By that we mean that it does not expand, contract or shrink as compared to other siding types, such as wood. This attribute makes fiber siding, a good base for paint. On fiber siding, paint doesn’t stretch, crack or chip. It stays in place, so you don’t have to worry about peeling or chipped paint.

4. Low Maintenance
Paint on fiber siding rarely blisters or peels, which equates for low maintenance and makes them unbelievably cost-effective.

5. Fireproof
Carrying Class 1 A fire/flame spread rating, fiber cement siding panels are fireproof. They provide home owners excellent protection against a fire, making them a great siding investment choice especially for those living in areas that are prone to brush-fires with wind driven embers or wild fires.

6. Aesthetically Appealing
It won’t be wrong to say that fiber panels are a good combination of style and functionality. With wood grain texturing, these panels look extremely stylish and aesthetically appealing yet without the drawbacks of wood siding.

7. Backed by Long Warranties
Since fiber siding panels are durable and long-lasting, most manufacturers offer warrants against defects for up to 50 years.

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